DashConn Business Insight Beyond Static Views of Salesforce CRM Data


Simple Configuration

  • Add-On setup is completely handled with “point and click” property sheets
  • Data access to Salesforce CRM is based upon the reports already setup for your organization; there is no need to write database queries or repeat work to define the data for the dashboard

Seamless integration with Salesforce CRM

  • Live connectivity to Salesforce CRM with no middle-ware server or data replication needed
  • Dashboards deployed within Salesforce Visualforce pages automatically run under the current user’s credentials

Direct efficient access of Salesforce CRM data

  • Issues smart queries against the Salesforce CRM database; understands report constructs including filters, aggregations, and matrix type reports so that only the data that is needed is retrieved from the Salesforce platform
  • One dashboard can provide a personalized view of information to each user through support of user scope within a Salesforce CRM report
  • Dynamic prompts extend reports by allowing users to retrieve subsets of report data on the fly rather than bringing down all the data and filtering on the client

Seamless integration with SAP Crystal Dashboard Design

  • DashConn Add-Ons easily link with other SAP CDD components so that Salesforce CRM report data can drive changes on targeted components such as charts and maps
  • Selections made within the DashConn DataViewer can also be linked to other components
  • SAP CDD selector components such as combo boxes can be used to update dynamic prompts providing users with a self-directed way to further explore and analyze data on an as needed basis

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Offline mode

  • Add-Ons configured to work in offline mode provide a convenient way to distribute and later run dashboards when internet connectivity is not guaranteed

DataViewer Tools

  • Drill tools are included with the DataViewer to navigate Salesforce CRM objects within a report hierarchy
  • Details page tool provides a quick way to navigate to the full details within Salesforce CRM of all selected records
  • Filter Editor tool shows the filters defined for the report and allows advanced users to modify these filters and perform some ad-hoc analysis
  • Group by tool allows users to aggregate report data using any of the aggregations defined within the report

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Many deployment options

  • Deploy dashboards to intranet sites and portals, the Salesforce platform, or embed within popular desktop applications

Live Data Refresh

  • The non-visual DashConn DataConnector can be configured to continually refresh data while the dashboard is running